Kalamata – Koroni

F&B Program:coffee, refreshments, beers, bottled wine, dry snacks and fruit salads will be provided to you all throughout your cruise with us.

For all day long cruises there will also be available a BBQ meal (where you choose between a meat or seafood option), Greek salad, dakos (traditional barley rusks from Messenia), Kalamata olives, lalaggia (traditional fried dough strips from Messenia) and tzatziki.

The very first stop of your cruise with us will be at Peroulia, whose wide bay that runs miles and turquoise waters will have you in awe. The next stops of your cruise with us will be at Memi and Faneromeni beaches, near Venetiko. There you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy a wide range of activities that we offer on board, swim in its stunning waters, and relax accompanied by the views of Koroni’s majestic and charming castle.

Entertainment and Activities

On board we have snorkelling masks, stand up paddle boards (sups), noodles for relaxation and fishing equipment that will be available to you at all times.