Motor yacht B-FLY

The private yacht of our company is the FERRETTI ALTURA 50. It is 50ft and can accommodate and overnight 8 people with the crew but also make all-day or multi-day cruises with from 1 to 23 people.

It has 2 engines of 375 hp caterpillar and all safety measures.

It has 3 cabins. One is in the luxury category with private bathroom
the other two have twin beds and a bathroom.

It has a kitchen and electrical appliances, which you can use or
to serve you our crew.

The motor yacht of our company provides you with a high level of services.

You can enjoy the routes we have planned or design another one together, creating an unforgettable experience on board!

In the program of B-fly there are options that will meet the wishes of every palate !!!

You can also enjoy water activities such as sup, snorkelling equipment, fishing equipment etc.

Our crew is always at your disposal to meet your every wish !!!
The B-fly is the private motor yacht fully equipped and ready to make your every dream and wish come true!
Together we will plan the route you want, your food, dessert and drink or you will decide which of the already selected routes you want to follow. Our VIP trips can be all day and multi-day as well as make any of your events!

Facilities - Activities B-FLY


B-FLY, has 3 double cabins accommodating 6 people.


Each cabin has its own bathroom.


In the lounge, there is a television to enjoy your favorite show or movie during the cruise.


High speed internet is available 24 hours a day.


An impressive bar awaits you on the deck, where you can drink your coffee, drink or cocktail.

Barbeque meal

At every full-day cruise, you enjoy a fine Greek meal that includes souvlaki with bread, tzatziki, salad, sfela cheese and lalaggi.


And if you are hungry, the Albatros II's kitchen offers cold dishes, toasts, club sandwiches and ice creams.


Swim in the deep blue waters, dive from the boat and discover the magic of the sea.

Sunset cruise

In the afternoon there are daily two-hour excursions along the Messenian coast, enjoying your coffee or your drink.